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Whatchu know ‘bout dat?! $10, tell yer friends!!!

Whatchu know ‘bout dat?! $10, tell yer friends!!!

38,000 views can’t be wrong…..

No Coattails To Ride - iTunes

Buy our new album, “No Coattails To Ride” on iTunes TODAY!!!


New music video! “One Night Stand”

"One Night Stand" promo!  When it breaks 1,000 views we’ll post the full video.  GO!

Video from our shoot w/ @mellingerphoto this weekend.  Forgot to put it up the other day.  Enjoy suckaZ!

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Watch all of these videos…then tell your friends to do the same!

Poz & InfeKt’s Christmas Tips For Christmas Time - pt. 1

From back in ‘07 suckaz!

From back in ‘07 suckaz!